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October, 1950. Escaping from the hardships and difficulties of World War II, two young men, Pasquale Iachini and Alfonzo Marrozzi, decide to move towards a new destination in search of new horizons and a better quality of life.

Venezuela welcomes them with open arms like it did with many other European immigrants, allowing them to cultivate a promising future, far from the miseries of the post-war. Once settled, they sow the seed that decades later became one of the most solid companies of road construction of the country: Construcciones Yamaro.

After gathering all their savings, Pasquale Iachini and Alfonzo Marozzi with the support of some relatives, decide to partner to acquire a small Fiat truck with which they started to be dedicated to the transport of construction materials.

With total ignorance in the construction sector, they began to work with much effort and sacrifice until they acquire the necessary skills that allowed them to cement the bases of what would later formally be Construcciones Yamaro.

In 1969, after a process of debugging of its members, Pasquale Iachini and Alfonzo Marozzi, realizing the magnitude of the work to come, decided to grant legal character to the company and thus Construcciones Yamaro was born, as a synthesis of the initials of the surnames Iachini and Marozzi.

The company immediately begins to grow vertiginously and in 1974 ceases to be a sub-contractor company, to start its total independence doing works of great importance in Guárico and Apure states. Once positioned in the region, it was time to face the first great challenge: the construction of the San Fernando Highway, Arauca Pass, Puerto Páez, in the confines of Apure State.

At the end of the nineties, new and great challenges are presented which Construcciones Yamaro assumes with the mysticism and professionalism that has characterized them. This is how, after having acquired its first asphalt plant, the construction of the José Antonio Páez Highway, the Acarigua-Barquisimeto Highway, the north ring road in Lara State, the Cantaura-El Tigre Highway, and other works are undertaken.

Construcciones Yamaro, with mystique, professionalism and a very high standard of quality, opens doors to the 21st century with a steady pace, allowing the company to diversify, penetrating the hotel market, with the construction of the hotels D & D Inn Tibana Caracas and Hotel Amazonía in San Fernando de Apure.

More than forty years ago, two young entrepreneurs came to the country with an idea, that idea is today a throbbing reality. Much more than a company, Yamaro is a Great Family with a memorable past, a successful present and a bright and committed future with the country.

Construcciones Yamaro, 46 years building the future of Venezuela.

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